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America First Transcripts

Loyalty to Trump: “Because of what that man did for me and you and all Americans, irrespective of whether they voted for him”

Sebastian Gorka explains why Donald J. Trump, the former and possibly next president, has his unwavering support

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: There’s one issue I’ve been cogitating on whether I broach with you. And if you don’t like what I’m about to say, if you think it’s soft or it’s unrealistic, I don’t care because I want to open up a little bit. I want to give you a peek behind the curtain of Sebastian Gorka. There’s an issue with my former boss that may not be hard bitten, cynical or...

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Day One for Tudor Dixon: “Right off the bat, we’re going to get tutors into our schools”

Sebastian Gorka talks with gubernatorial contender Tudor Dixon about her plans to get Michigan back on track

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Let’s talk to somebody who describes herself very bluntly on her Twitter page as having worked in steel manufacturing. Mom of four girls, breast cancer survivor. And here’s something very apropos, granddaughter of Whitmer nursing home victim. And God willing, if they do their part in Michigan, she’s going to be the next governor. Tudor Dixon, welcome to America...

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Donald J. Trump: “This country is in serious trouble”

Sebastian Gorka talks with President Donald J. Trump about what’s at stake as we approach Election Day

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Mr. President, we are on the cusp of the midterms. It looks right now as if the good guys will take both the Senate and the House. What happens afterwards? What happens if you are back in the White House in two years’ time? Will the GOP be an America First party? Will it be a MAGA party? And can you work with Mitch McConnell, sir? Donald J. Trump: So, most of the GOP is...

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