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Scott Presler on Winning Elections: “If Republicans don’t engage in an all-of-the-above approach to voting … we’re simply not going to win”

Sebastian Gorka talks with Scott Presler aka #ThePersistence about what it's going to take for Republicans to gain and maintain ground in the changed game of elections

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: I don’t know how to introduce this man in a way that’s adequate. After I heard him yesterday on Steve Bannon’s show, I said I wish we had a thousand men like him in America because then things would be okay. I met him a few years ago, wasn’t sure if he was the real deal. But man alive, is he the real deal. He pounds the street. Whether he’s cleaning up the ghettos...

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Trish Regan on SBV Collapse: “The handwriting was on the wall”

Sebastian Gorka talks with financial expert and Salem colleague Trish Regan about the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and what to do next

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Are we on the brink of an economic collapse? Is a new Biden depression around the corner? No monologue to open the show. Don’t cry. I’ll give you one later. We’re going to check in instead with my former Fox colleague who is now my new Salem colleague. She’s the host of the Trish Regan podcast. And strangely, her name is Trish Regan. Trish, welcome back to America...

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Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch: “We forced L.A. County through a lawsuit to go in and clean up their voting rolls”

Sebastian Gorka talks with Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell about getting 1.2 million ineligible voter registrations removed from L.A. County's voter rolls

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: We’re back with Chris Farrell, the amazing organization is Judicial Watch. He is the chief, Director of Investigations & Research. Please support them right now,, follow them @JudicialWatch. Chris, let’s talk about some good news. What happened recently regarding the work of your organization and the state of California? Chris Farrell: Well, we...

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Donald J. Trump on Ukraine: “I would have that war ended within 24 hours”

Sebastian Gorka talks with President Donald J. Trump about the failures of the Biden Administration, including China balloons and the war in Ukraine

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: President Trump, when it comes to China sending surveillance satellite balloons across America, across the whole swath of the nation, would you have waited if you were in the White House to shoot that balloon down after it had completed its mission? Pres. Donald Trump: Well, it wouldn’t have happened if I was in the White House, number one. They wouldn’t have done it....

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J6 Tapes: “With 41,000 hours, there’s going to be things that people have never even thought of”

Sebastian Gorka talks with Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing about the questions likely to be raised and answered by the January 6 footage

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Alright, we’re going to leave Tucker’s team to do the heavy lifting over the next few days to sift through the 41,000 hours of footage. But given that two years has elapsed since January the sixth, given the charade, the farrago, the clown show that was the January 6th committee that didn’t answer any real questions, what should those people be looking for? There’s...

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Lauren Chen on the Red Pilling of America: “The average person is a lot more aware of what the progressive far left stands for”

Sebastian Gorka talks with Lauren Chen, AKA “The Roaming Millennial,” about the current state of the culture war

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Lauren, you had a show on CRT called “Roaming Millennial Uncensored.” I have to ask you because there’s a little bit of a difference in age between us. Where are we in the effort to win the culture war or just to convince people of the veracity of our arguments when it comes to freedom of speech and individual liberty when it concerns the millennial generation? Is the...

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Devin Nunes: “The National Security Division at the DOJ and the FBI are hopelessly corrupt”

Sebastian Gorka and Devin Nunes trace the roots of government corruption in light of the Biden classified documents scandal

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Devin Nunes, can you give us your take as somebody who’s been responsible for matters of national security, especially in the intelligence community for oversight in this ever-burgeoning scandal? Every day, there seems to be another iteration, another facet. First it was the Penn Biden office in D.C. with the closet, with the TS/SCI documents. Then it was the garage with...

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Kyle Rittenhouse on Being Cancelled: “It’s just because of my name and they’re just being unfair and biased”

Sebastian Gorka talks to Kyle Rittenhouse about the woke mob, cancel culture and how the Second Amendment saved his life

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: You may have heard of him. His name is Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle, welcome to America First. Kyle Rittenhouse: Sebastian, thank you for having me. … Dr. Sebastian Gorka: In the last few days, you were slated to speak at a couple of events as the new media personality you are. What happened to those engagements, Kyle? Kyle Rittenhouse: So, I was supposed to be giving a speech at...

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Biden Top-Secret Documents: “Those documents were discovered six days before the election, and we just found out about them two days ago”

Sebastian Gorka notes the questionable timing and circumstances of the discovery of Biden’s classified documents in a closet at the Penn Biden Center

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Let’s set it up right. Let’s set it up correctly. Six days before the midterm elections in November, a slew of not just confidential — top-secret SCI, Special Compartmented Information, the highest level under Q, which is nuclear secrets — a slew of top-secret, SCI documents pertaining to the Ukraine, to Iran, and the United Kingdom were found in a closet in an office...

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Trump Criminal Referrals: “This is a partisan political exercise”

Sebastian Gorka talks with Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn about what’s behind the J6 referrals and ahead for President Trump

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Senator Blackburn, I have to ask you: Yesterday, Congress forwarded multiple criminal referrals to the DOJ for the 45th president of the United States, that if they went through and he were convicted, would lead to 40 years in prison for President Trump. Your reaction to the January 6th committee’s decision yesterday to send those referrals to Biden’s DOJ. Sen. Marsha...

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Griner Prisoner Exchange: “We’re giving Vladimir Putin the most dangerous man in the world”

Sebastian Gorka details the long and astonishing rap sheet of Viktor Bout, the arms dealer Biden traded for basketball player, Brittney Griner

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: A black lesbian basketball player who is an Olympian has been released from her nine-year sentence for smuggling drugs into Russia because yes, she is that stupid. She took drugs to Russia. And what are we giving to the Russians in exchange? We have no extradition treaty to Russia, so this is a big, big deal. Are we giving a Russian sportsman who smuggled cocaine into America...

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Gorka on the Sam Brinton Scandal: “He is the exemplar of the normalizing of the abnormal”

Sebastian Gorka connects the dots on a troubling pattern of sexualizing children and celebrating the perverse

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: What makes human beings human? What makes you sentient, or intelligent? One of the things that’s special about humans is not just our capacity to absorb information. It’s also our unique capacity to see patterns. To recognize when seemingly disparate things are actually connected and portray, actually, a trend. That they aren’t random, but they are part of a broader...

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