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J6 Tapes: “With 41,000 hours, there’s going to be things that people have never even thought of”

Sebastian Gorka talks with Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing about the questions likely to be raised and answered by the January 6 footage

Date of Audio: Feb 21, 2023

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Alright, we’re going to leave Tucker’s team to do the heavy lifting over the next few days to sift through the 41,000 hours of footage. But given that two years has elapsed since January the sixth, given the charade, the farrago, the clown show that was the January 6th committee that didn’t answer any real questions, what should those people be looking for? There’s obvious questions like where was Ray Epps? Who was the tower commander with the bullhorn? But what other things, if you were guiding those teams of videographers, what would you say?

Victoria Toensing: Let me give you a legal issue, and that is the issue of entrapment. Because I was a drug prosecutor when I was an assistant U.S. attorney, and you always had to be careful that the undercover agent wasn’t enticing, getting someone to do something that that person wouldn’t ordinarily do. So that’s the issue of entrapment.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: So in this case, it would be what? It would be police officers —

Victoria Toensing: How many undercover ATF, FBI, whatever, whoever. Or even people being paid by those government agencies.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: CIs, assets.

Victoria Toensing: Yes, assets. How many of them were present? And for some reason, the federal judiciary in D.C. hasn’t thought that that was a defense and so they haven’t allowed that discovery.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Well, there was a very strange moment in, I think it was the deputy director of the FBI, female, at one of the hearings couldn’t answer the question whether Ray Epps worked for the feds. Well, that’s strange.

Victoria Toensing: She acted like she wasn’t supposed to answer it.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Yeah, as if there was something that she’s not meant to divulge.

Victoria Toensing: But that issue of entrapment I think is so important because if you’re seeing people who are working for the government saying, come on in —

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Right, right.

Victoria Toensing: When a lot of people said, they were telling me to come in.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: And for example, why people who were enticing others weren’t charged. It would be interesting because Ray Epps the day before says on video, he says, we are going to storm the Capitol. And then he ends up top 20 FBI most wanted, and then carefully, just quietly disappears from that list. What other things do you think should be scoured for?

“There’s obvious questions like where was Ray Epps?”

Joe DiGenova: Well, the absence of weapons. One of the things you’ll see is you’re not going to see any weapons on the part of the demonstrators. You’re not going to see weapons.

Victoria Toensing: Wait a minute, a Trump flag was described as a weapon in one of the indictments, yes.

Joe DiGenova: I think what will be most revealing is the conduct of people in the government, the Capitol police, and the people. What they did is really most important, what the officers did. I would be interested to see if there’s any other footage around the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. I think probably that entire bit of footage inside the chamber where Lieutenant Byrd was —

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Because we’ve seen footage from the other side of the door, but not inside the chamber.

Joe DiGenova: There’s stuff before it, there’s stuff after it. And why did those people leave the front of that door where they were. They all left at the same time, like some sort of order was given. So all of that sort of stuff around Ashli Babbitt, to me, is something that interests me tremendously. Because the fact that Byrd was never charged, wasn’t even interviewed properly for a homicide, which this clearly was, is very, very important to me.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: A man who, by the way, is known for having left his sidearm —

Joe DiGenova: In a bathroom on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: As a Capitol police officer.

Joe DiGenova: He should never have had a weapon. He never should have been permitted to have a weapon. I find his presence in that situation to be really disgusting. …

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: What about the other deaths of that day? Do you think we could get some footage, revelations of the other protestors who “died of natural causes” and that seems to be fallacious?

Joe DiGenova: I think all of that are the kinds of things to look for. I know the one beating that took place, took place in a tunnel, where there may not have been —

Victoria Toensing: Were there cameras in the tunnel?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Only the front of the tunnel, so far that we know of.

Joe DiGenova: Yeah, we just don’t know. But with 41,000, hours there’s going to be things that people have never even thought of, and all of a sudden they’re going to be revelations about the conduct of the people who were allegedly providing security. And what it will show, and it already has shown, is how disorganized the security apparatus was inside the building and outside the building. How unprofessional it was, how untrained they were, how different orders were being different at different places by different people. A remarkable lack of coordination and supervision.

This was not a military operation in any sense of the word. It was, in fact, episodic unplanned security. And that is the antithesis of good security. Nothing was set in place ahead of time to prevent this. And when you watch this, and I remember that day vividly sitting in your studio watching it, looking at it, saying, what the hell are they doing? Where’s their plan?

Victoria Toensing: And remember, at the very first, we were looking at it and we couldn’t believe it because the people who were entering the Capitol were all staying within the ropes.

Joe DiGenova: Some riot! They’re walking —

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: They’re taking selfies, sometimes with the officers.

Joe DiGenova: Yeah. I think that one of the most disgraceful things about the January 6th committee was the fact that they purposely lied about what happened inside the Capitol. They purposely lied to the American people about the security that was non-existent. They purposely lied about what the preparations were, and then they purposely refused to let the American people know what wasn’t done. They avoided the most important issue of all in order to get Donald Trump and to smear a bunch of people. It really is a horrendous abuse of congressional power.

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