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Gorka on the Sam Brinton Scandal: “He is the exemplar of the normalizing of the abnormal”

Sebastian Gorka connects the dots on a troubling pattern of sexualizing children and celebrating the perverse

Date of Audio: Nov 29, 2022

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: What makes human beings human? What makes you sentient, or intelligent?

One of the things that’s special about humans is not just our capacity to absorb information. It’s also our unique capacity to see patterns. To recognize when seemingly disparate things are actually connected and portray, actually, a trend. That they aren’t random, but they are part of a broader movement.

It was revealed recently that a certain official in the Biden administration who goes by the name Sam Brinton was arrested and charged with felony theft. It’s a peculiar story because he stole a piece of women’s luggage from a conveyor belt, from a carousel at an airport. He didn’t have any luggage. He went to the carousel, very chi-chi designer piece of luggage, and on camera proceeded to pick up somebody else’s labeled luggage and put it inside his bag and then walk off with it. Steal it.

And now he is allegedly on leave. From where? Where is this first transgender presidential appointee on leave from? The Department of Energy. Sam Brinton holds the title of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition. What kind of fuel? Nuclear fuel. He’s in charge of waste nuclear fuel for the most powerful nuclear nation in the world — America.

Let’s put some photographs up on the screen of this individual. This is him in a ballgown. A ballgown. With a shaved head and a red Mohican in the middle of his bald head. Doesn’t look like a man. Doesn’t look like a woman. He looks like the definition of abnormality.

Let’s go to the next photograph. This is him whipping another man, dressed in a red latex, I don’t know, sexual, what would you call it? I don’t even know what the word is. And then thigh-high, black latex female boots.

And then one more photograph of him. Bare-chested. These are all out there. I didn’t have to dig for these. Caressing a man in a BDSM suit with a bare ass, on his knees, pretending to be a dog on a leash. That is Sam Brinton demonstrating his sexual perversions to the world. …

“This isn’t just one weird story that will disappear. I need you to understand the pattern.”

This isn’t just one weird story that will disappear. I need you to understand the pattern. This story happens just two days after the eruption of the Balenciaga scandal, in which one of the most exclusive fashion houses in the world released an ad campaign using children, using toddlers, promoting BDSM outfits. Holding teddy bears in bondage, domination, and sadomasochism sexual wear with documents in the photo shoot being left lying in plain sight concerning a Supreme Court decision that allowed, or was positive, with regards to child pornography.

This comes after more than a year of what in the mainstream media? Sorry, not the mainstream media. What am I talking about — the alternative, conservative, fact-based media — of drag queen story hours at local libraries. Of a Republican governor for Virginia winning his office after it was found that pedophilic, pornographic “children’s books” were being kept in the libraries of schools in Fairfax and Loudon County in Virginia.

And it comes on the heels of, thanks to Matt Walsh and others, the news that famed hospitals such as Boston’s Children Hospital are undertaking the mutilation of children. The removal of the breasts, the sexual organs, the chemical castration of young boys and girls on the altar of the ideology that is transgenderism.

Do you see the pattern now?

Sam Brinton isn’t a one-off. He’s not the outlier. He is the exemplar of the normalizing of the abnormal. Of the mainlining of the perverse. The idea that he’s an advocate for “LGBT youth,” fighting “conversion therapy” — you mean recognizing that boys are boys and girls are girls?

Every civilization will be measured, in its final analysis, by its treatment of the most vulnerable in its society. The aged, the venerable, the unborn, and children. They are targeting our children. We must stop them and protect innocents and protect the vulnerable.

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