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Donald J. Trump: “This country is in serious trouble”

Sebastian Gorka talks with President Donald J. Trump about what’s at stake as we approach Election Day

Date of Audio: Oct 31, 2022

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Mr. President, we are on the cusp of the midterms. It looks right now as if the good guys will take both the Senate and the House. What happens afterwards? What happens if you are back in the White House in two years’ time? Will the GOP be an America First party? Will it be a MAGA party? And can you work with Mitch McConnell, sir?

Donald J. Trump: So, most of the GOP is America First, and it’s MAGA. Most of them are, vast majority. I think we’ve passed that hurdle. And if you look at my endorsements, I’m just about at 99% when I endorse somebody within the party. And it looks like I’m pretty high too, with the general election. And, you know, I keep complaining that a lot of people don’t understand. We also do well with the general election. Now you’ve seen a lot of stories like Trump could have hit the jackpot. Well, but I don’t know that that’s true because I see some polls that don’t have Oz up nearly where he should be. And some polls have not even moved the needle with Fetterman which was one of the all-time disasters in terms of a debate in history, that debate.

But, I actually looked at my wife and I said, What would you think if I told you it’s not going to have as big an effect? That should have like a 30-point effect or a 40-point effect. And, you know, it’s had not a lot of impact. So, you look at that and you look at some other things, and I just hope people do. Now these are Fox polls, and I think the worst polls there are Fox polls. Fox has the worst polls, and I’ve complained about it for years. They keep saying, Oh, we’re going to change our pollsters. So, I don’t think Fox polls mean too much, you want to know the truth.

“We’ve skipped over socialism. They’re into communism right now.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: That’s why everybody’s watching Newsmax, sir, including my show.

Donald J. Trump: Well, I’m just, and I’m not saying that. I’m telling you Fox polls are the worst. Whoever’s doing their polls — and I can tell you, a very big person at Fox, how about if I said the biggest said, We’re going to change this pollster, he doesn’t get it right.

And that never happened, unfortunately. But they have terrible polls. But if you look at the Fox poll, they have Oz substantially behind Fetterman. Alright? So, you know.

But I’m not that surprised. I just understand how the country is divided. It’s more divided now than ever before. And you know what? Obama was a big divider. Biden is a worse divider. When he made that speech, that speech that you just talked about, the hatred in his heart was so incredible for much more than half of the country. And people, they’re just not taking it anymore. They’re not going to take it anymore. This country is in serious trouble. And I think we’ve skipped over socialism. You know, I used to say it’s going socialistic, it’s going to socialism. We’ve skipped over socialism. They’re into communism right now. And it could be hardcore. And you understand that word better than most people. You got a dose of it, but you understand that word better than most.


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