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Day One for Tudor Dixon: “Right off the bat, we’re going to get tutors into our schools”

Sebastian Gorka talks with gubernatorial contender Tudor Dixon about her plans to get Michigan back on track

Date of Audio: Nov 5, 2022

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Let’s talk to somebody who describes herself very bluntly on her Twitter page as having worked in steel manufacturing. Mom of four girls, breast cancer survivor. And here’s something very apropos, granddaughter of Whitmer nursing home victim. And God willing, if they do their part in Michigan, she’s going to be the next governor. Tudor Dixon, welcome to America First.

Tudor Dixon: Thank you so much for having me.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: How is that woman still in office?

Tudor Dixon: Well, I really feel that there are only going to be a few more days before a change is going to be made. We see so many people on the ground here. Our rallies are getting bigger and bigger. The momentum is really increasing, and I really do believe that it is because we recently had a debate and it was a reminder of [the clip of Gretchen Whitmer] you just played. All of the time, she came out and told us, This is what you cannot do and this is what your life should be. Because she came out on the debate stage and she said, Our kids were only out of school for three months, and it really made parents mad.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: So, there’s some real stars of this upcoming election. You are one of them. We had two of them on the show yesterday. We had Kari Lake. We had J.D. Vance. I’m going to ask you the same question because you are burning the midnight oil. You are traveling across the state, knocking on doors. So is your team. When you talk to people who aren’t Republicans, who are Independents or even Democrats who are coming over to you to support you to get rid of Whitmer, I’m curious, what are they saying to you? Is it the lockdowns? Is it the economy? Is it crime? Is it inflation? Is there some overarching issue that has made your campaign so powerful?

Tudor Dixon: For the most part, it’s moms and dads. Because we are now in the bottom 10 in the nation for education. Nothing has been done to get us out of the situation. They’re also upset about these radical teachings in our schools. That’s the most part.

But we also hear so many people come to us and say, The policies killed so many small businesses. We lost the most small businesses in the country, tied with New York, 82,000 jobs. There are whole communities that are decimated by these policies. We lost 3,000 restaurants. And that’s your community. Those are the gathering spaces. I have people that come up and grab my hands and burst into tears and say, We have lost our sense of who we are because of what she did to us. And they’re devastated. They want to bring our businesses back. They want to bring their communities back and they know that’s not going to happen with Gretchen Whitmer.

“We lost the most small businesses in the country, tied with New York, 82,000 jobs.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: If you win, if the people of your state do what has to be done, would you tell us a couple of the things that you will do on day one as the governor?

Tudor Dixon: Well, first, right off the bat, we’re going to get tutors into our schools. Every other state that had kids out nearly as long as Michigan, they have a tutoring program. She has not gotten any tutors into our schools. She vetoed a program for reading scholarships. We have to get our kids back on track. Our reading scores just came back from the spring. Nearly 60% of our third graders failed. That’s how far behind we are. So, first and foremost, we have to do that.

We have to make sure we protect our kids from the sex and gender content from kindergarten to third grade, like Florida. We’re going to do that right away.

We also want to make sure our police are supported. So, we’re going to put a billion new dollars into policing to make sure that we can recruit and retain police officers, but also get them the equipment that they need.

And we’re going to start on reducing regulations. Michigan is a very overregulated state. We have to bring back small businesses, we have to bring back business in general. To do that, we have to reduce regulations, make it easier to do business in the state of Michigan and become a partner to business rather than an enemy, which is what she is right now.

If you listen to Gretchen Whitmer, she’s not offering anything, simply coming after me. But she has no solutions because she’s been in office for 20 years and she’s never had any solutions.

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