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Mon, Jul 22, 2019

To Be Discussed

The Georgia hate crime hoax, and the latest on “the squad”

Socialism, and the importance of immigration

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Eric Trump @EricTrump

Katie Pavlich @KatiePavlich

Ashley St. Claire @stclairashley

Fri, Jul 19, 2019

To Be Discussed

Ilhan Omar’s marriage and immigration history, and the anti-Semitism of BDS

Iran, the absurdity of transgenderism, and Second Amendment Friday

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Jim Carafano @JJCarafano

Rep. Lee Zeldin @RepLeeZeldin

Tim Harmsen

Priscilla DeStefano

Thu, Jul 18, 2019

To Be Discussed

President Trump’s North Carolina rally, and the Ilhan Omar chant

The shooting-down of an Iranian drone, and the impeachment fail

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Tom Homan

John Batchelor @batchelorshow

Matt Boyle @mboyle1

Tim Goeglein

Hogan Gidley @hogangidley45

Wed, Jul 17, 2019

To Be Discussed

The Democrats’ anti-Trump resolution, and Free Speech on social media

Immigration, the “squad,” and the Never Trump crowd

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Brandon Darby @brandondarby

Jarrett Stepman @JarrettStepman

Dennis Prager @DennisPrager

Jennifer Horn @JenniferHorn

Julie Kelly @julie_kelly2


Tue, Jul 16, 2019

To Be Discussed

More fallout from Trump’s Tweets, and Democrats’ silence on Antifa

Social media censorship, and the rise of Nationalism in America

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Chris Buskirk @thechrisbuskirk

Boris Epshteyn @BorisEP

Ali Alexander @ali

Mon, Jul 15, 2019

To Be Discussed

The President’s Tweets on Ilhan Omar, and the Social Media Summit

Antifa terrorism and the ICE raids

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Alex Marlow @AlexMarlow

Rep. Brian Babin @RepBrianBabin

John Matze @parler_app

Fri, Jul 12, 2019

To Be Discussed

The President’s Social Media summit, and Sebastian’s standing up to Brian Karem

Joe Biden, the rise of Socialism, and President Trump’s foreign policy victories

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Marc Lotter @marc_lotter

Rep. Scott Perry @RepScottPerry

Kevin Burns

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo @SecPompeo

Chef Roc @ChefRocHawaii

Thu, Jul 11, 2019

To Be Discussed

The #WalkAway Movement, and the true story of the Kavanaugh confirmation

The breakdown of the Left-Right paradigm, and the state of the political elite

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Carl Benjamin, “Sargon of Akkad”

Mollie Hemingway @MZHemingway

Carrie Severino @JCNSeverino

Brandon Straka @usminority

Wed, Jul 10, 2019

To Be Discussed

The NYT’s coverage of President Trump and Epstein, and the resignation of the U.K. ambassador

Joe Biden’s fortune, Jim Acosta, and California craziness

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Charlie Hurt @CharlesHurt

Matt Boyle @mboyle1

Jennifer Horn @JenniferHorn

Tue, Jul 9, 2019

To Be Discussed

More on Jeffrey Epstein, and the decline of the mainstream media

Ross Perot, Tom Steyer, and a Holocaust denier as a school principal

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Jessie Jane Duff @JessieJaneDuff

Boris Epshteyn @BorisEP

Joe Concha @JoeConchaTV

Mon, Jul 8, 2019

To Be Discussed

The Jeffrey Epstein case, and the U.S. women’s soccer team

Swalwell drops out, Biden on defense, and Steyer jumps in?

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Michael Knowles @michaeljknowles

John Cardillo @johncardillo

John Catsimatidis @JCats2013

Fri, Jul 5, 2019

To Be Discussed

President Trump’s “Salute to America,” and the Left’s vitriolic reactions to it

Antifa, Free Speech, censorship, and Second Amendment Friday

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Matt Boyle @mboyle1

Carpe Donktum @CarpeDonktum

Will Witt @thewillwitt

Vinson Palathingal @VinsonPalathing

Jon Patton

Thu, Jul 4, 2019

To Be Discussed

The 4th of July special

National security, the Middle East, and FISAgate

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Victor Davis Hanson @VDHanson

Mac Owens

Robert Reilly @Westminster_Ins

Wed, Jul 3, 2019

To Be Discussed

The President’s 4th of July celebration, and more on AOC’s lies about the Border Patrol

More California craziness, and the Left’s control over culture

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Brandon Judd @BPUnion

Mr. Reagan @MrReaganUSA

Jennifer Horn @JenniferHorn

Tue, Jul 2, 2019

To Be Discussed

AOC’s debunked lies about the Border Patrol, and the latest on Andy Ngo

The scandals of Obama and Hillary, Iran, and North Korea

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Harmeet Dhillon @pnjaban

Chris Farrell @JudicialWatch

Boris Epshteyn @BorisEP

Mon, Jul 1, 2019

To Be Discussed

Antifa’s terrorist violence in Portland, and President Trump makes history in North Korea

The Democratic debates, anti-Semitism, and AOC’s lies

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Michelle Malkin @michellemalkin

Erielle Davidson @politicallelle

Diamond and Silk @DiamondandSilk

Andrew Klavan @AndrewKlavan

James Rosen @JamesRosenTV