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America First Polls

Who is the mystery Biden family mentioned by Rep. James Comer receiving millions from China?

Fauci doesn’t know why he’d be prosecuted. Are you surprised?

Given the latest Wuhan lab leak revelations, should Fauci be charged and prosecuted for lying to America?

Do you think Scott Adams was joking in his remarks?

Can Project Veritas survive without James O’Keefe?

Do you trust the Pentagon’s explanations for the UFO shootdowns?

What do you think when you see someone wearing a mask?

If the 2024 GOP primary were today, would you vote for President Trump or Ron DeSantis?

Does the Paul Pelosi bodycam footage answer questions or leave us with more questions?

Are the Democrats throwing Biden under the bus with the Biden Files revelations?

Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

Will Biden’s DOJ charge President Trump with insurrection?

What should the GOP investigate first in 2023?

Will the GOP do anything with Elon Musk’s revelations of conservative censorship on Twitter?

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