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Our Take: What we Should Always Remember on Veteran’s Day

Every year, we devote a very special day to honoring our veterans. From the Revolutionary War, to two World Wars, and the War on Terror, we show our appreciation for all who served, and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

While this particular day is very important and must always be observed, we also must remember a broader truth: Honoring our veterans is something that must go beyond just a single day in the year. The freedoms that we enjoy every single day of our lives are guaranteed because of the millions of men and women who continue to serve to this day, but whom we rarely think about except on a day such as this.

It is said that “freedom isn’t free,” as it is paid for by the service of our troops. But the least that we as Americans can do is offer our own contribution by acknowledging how they pay the price for our freedoms, and always support our veterans long after they return from the battlefield.

And most importantly, we must always defend our nation in our own way. Our veterans did not fight in distant countries just to see our own country collapse due to political strife, cultural rot, and partisan infighting as we are witnessing today. We must do our part to protect this great land, to ensure that our veterans’ sacrifices are not for nothing.

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