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Our Take: The Whistleblower is the Deep State

With the whistleblower’s identity finally revealed, his resume and list of connections should not come as a surprise to anyone. Having previously worked under John Brennan, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, being a registered Democrat, and having repeatedly criticized President Trump in the past, he is everything we should have expected from the Deep State’s star mystery man.

And yet, Eric Ciaramella represents everything that is wrong with the Deep State. He has clear partisan biases, an undying and irrational hatred of President Trump, and most frighteningly, he has numerous connections to the most powerful figures in the Obama Administration. This is the essence of the Deep State at its core: Powerful and highly inter-connected in a web of anti-Trump figures from the intelligence community.

The so-called whistleblower’s covert interactions with Democrats ahead of his official complaint is representative of the Deep State’s deep political ties and unapologetic coordination with the Democratic Party. The Deep State and the Democrats go hand-in-hand, sharing their common vision of power and a desire to get rid of President Trump by any means necessary.

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