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Our Take: Abortion is a Modern Holocaust

On this day, the 47th annual March for Life takes place as yet another reminder that abortion, while still technically considered legal in our country, cannot be allowed to continue in a civilized society.

The Left frequently hides behind the mantra of “choice” in order to deflect from the cold, hard truth about abortion. What they frame as “healthcare” or simply “opting out” of an unwanted pregnancy is the systematic murder of over one million babies every year, which has led to over 58 million aborted children since abortion was legalized in the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

But whether or not the Left is ready to accept it, the tide of history is turning against them. More Americans are rising up against abortion than ever before, with President Trump leading the charge. Even as the Left’s equivalent movements such as the Women’s March have failed and are already dying out, the March for Life is stronger than ever. It is not a matter of if abortion will finally be rejected by all decent people, but when.

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