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Gorka’s Column

Who Do Our Intelligence Agencies Think They Work For?

It was a mistake to disband the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in 1945, just months after we had won World War II. Within just two years, President Truman realized he had to have a permanent intelligence capability and so in 1947 he signed the National Security Act, which, in addition to...

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What the Covington High Schoolers Taught America

What is the real lesson of the Covington Catholic School incident last week at the Lincoln Memorial? Decent Americans are rightly appalled at the deliberate lies propagated by the “mainstream” media, the knee-jerk surrender to Leftist narratives by allegedly “conservative” commentators, and...

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The FBI Has Become Too Dangerous

If you’re not the first lady, being alone in the Oval Office with the president of the United States is a rare occurrence. Even visiting heads of state will be accompanied by an interpreter, or an official notetaker, when they meet privately with the most powerful man in the world. So I will...

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Trump is Right About Saudi Arabia: Strategic Concerns are Paramount

Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s Column in The Hill from 11/28/18 They say politics is “the art of the possible.” So are geopolitics and strategy. And being strategic requires prioritizing different interests and national objectives, especially when it comes to national security. That is why...

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