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America First with Sebastian Gorka 11/19/2020

Sebastian reacts to the firebrand press conference by President Trump’s all-star legal team, with special guests Jenna Ellis, Burgess Owens, Joe DiGenova, Victoria Toensing, Rep. Steve Scalise, Rep. Brian Babin, Danielle D’Souza, and Chris Buskirk.

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America First with Sebastian Gorka 11/18/2020

Sebastian talks about Big Tech censorship, voter fraud, Philadelphia corruption, Democrats’ COVID hypocrisy, and the fall of Fox News, with special guests Alex Marlow, John Davidson, Chris Stigall, Jennifer Horn, and Erin Perrine.

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America First with Sebastian Gorka 11/17/2020

Sebastian talks about the latest voter fraud revelations, the post-2020 battle, the importance of the Electoral College, and the spinelessness of the GOP, with special guests Sara Carter, Lord Conrad Black, Tara Ross, and Michael Knowles.

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