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Your Family Can Save Our Civilization

Let me ask you a personal question: Why do you believe what you believe? Why? From where did you derive your values as a human being?

In my case, there was an amazing, very strict Latin teacher at school who I think helped me internalize some of my values. Everybody has mentors, of course, or one hopes everyone may be so blessed. But for the majority of human beings who have ever lived on God’s green Earth, their values come from their parents. It’s incontrovertible. Parents are our primary role models. And for men, you always—always—try to live up to your father’s example. For me, that was very, very hard.

My parents were children under when the fascists took over Hungary during World War II. After the war, my father was persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned for life by the age of 20 by the Communist regime that replaced the fascists. My mother and father escaped to the West during the Hungarian Revolution, after my father was liberated from a political prison.

I can trace back to a single moment in time when I understood the core values I inherited from my father. I was on holiday with my parents as a child in France, my father came out of the ocean—he was a great athlete, he was on the national crew team before the secret police arrested him, and he loved to swim. As father came out of the ocean I noticed for the first time in my life the heavy white lines on his wrist, and, I knew that he was too young to be wrinkled at his wrists. So, I said, “Dad, what’s that?” And, without skipping a beat, totally unemotional, he replied: “Well son, that’s where the secret police bound my wrists together with wire behind my back so they could hang me from the ceiling of the torture chamber.” That’s when my life changed forever.

That’s when I understood the value of freedom, I understood what human dignity is, and for the rest of my life, I understood why the truth matters. And that is the essence of our civilization. It is a civilization to which both Hungary and America are a party— our shared Judeo-Christian civilization. We are proud of being part of that civilization.

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