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Best Writers to Follow: Part One

The media in this day and age is loaded with hacks pretending to be journalists, propagandists acting like reporters, and activists who claim to be unbiased. Most anchors and commentators across the mainstream media have clear left-wing biases, with some being open about this and others pretending they’re neutral.

As such, there are too few genuine voices of truth, reason, honesty, and decency on TV, in print, and on the Internet today. It is more important than ever before to be fully informed as to who these trustworthy figures are, to whom you can turn for hard-hitting, genuine reporting, as well as bold and unapologetic conservative commentary that is not heard nearly enough.

We here at AMERICA First have compiled a comprehensive list of the best writers you can trust, across many different platforms and publications. Here is part one, listing 16 of the best writers you can and should follow today and every day.

  • Lord Conrad Black (@ConradMBlack): The esteemed Lord Conrad Black has a long and successful career in media spanning several continents, including ownership of such publications as The Daily Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post, and the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as the founding of The National Post in Canada, where many of his writings can also be found. He is also a distinguished author, with a focus on the lives and tenures of some of the most iconic U.S. Presidents in modern history, from Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon to Donald J. Trump. Few understand the truly historic nature of the times in which we are living than Lord Black, which means that his works are among the most informative you can read today.
  • Dan Bongino (@dbongino): It should be no surprise that this former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent is as tough as can be, and makes for one of the toughest commentators we have. He has loyally covered Spygate with perhaps the most comprehensive book on the scandal, Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump. Just as succinct a summary is his speech on Spygate from the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend, in November of 2018.
  • Chris Buskirk (@thechrisbuskirk): The founder and editor of the fantastic website American Greatness, Chris Buskirk is responsible for assembling some of the greatest minds in modern conservatism together at one outlet. Even beyond the ensemble cast of AG, Buskirk himself has written many erudite articles on such topics as immigration, religion, and the role of social media in our society. Always be sure to check out Chris’s writings and his podcast, as well as others at American Greatness…including yours truly.
  • Sara Carter (@SaraCarterDC): A true warrior-princess in every sense of the phrase, Sara Carter is another leading figure in the long and harrowing quest to uncover the truth behind FISAgate. On top of that, her website features breaking news and exclusive interviews and scoops, always providing fresh new material to the news cycle that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Sean Davis (@seanmdav): One of the co-founders of the incredible website The Federalist, Sean Davis is another writer with a laser-like focus on the Russia hoax, including its origins and the numerous ways it violated the rule of law and our Constitution. He has also written at-length about the Kavanaugh confirmation, including several pieces exposing media bias against the best-selling book about the Kavanaugh hearings, “Justice on Trial.” Davis has appeared several times on AMERICA First, never failing to present some of the sharpest and most insightful commentary you will ever hear.
  • David Goldman (@davidpgoldman): Often under the penname “Spengler,” David Goldman’s writings in The Asia Times and PJ Media cover a wide array of topics such as gun control and the culture war. But his primary focus is foreign policy, and in that field he is top drawer. From China, to Russia, to the Middle East, Spengler’s articles are the answer to your needs when it comes to information about the international stage.
  • Victor Davis Hanson (@VDHanson): Professor Victor Davis Hanson is an intellectual giant in every sense of the phrase. The Hoover Institution fellow’s areas of expertise include military history and the ongoing seismic shifts in Western politics, particularly how populist movements such as the election of President Donald Trump represent a significant shakeup of the political status quo. His writings at American Greatness make up for one of the crucial cornerstones of the website, and his appearances on AMERICA First make for some of the most high-quality content our show has ever had to offer.
  • David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi): Another talented mind at The Federalist and frequent guest on AMERICA First, David Harsanyi can always be counted on to deliver excellent articles on a wide range of issues, from the Russia hoax, to the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries and the Left’s terrifying embrace of Socialism.
  • Andrew Klavan (@andrewklavan): Andrew Klavan, famed screenwriter, is truly a man of many talents, with enthralling pieces that can be found at both The Daily Wire and City Journal. In addition to his long-form articles on the problems currently plaguing American culture, he is also a master of the art of podcasting, from his show at Daily Wire to his fantasy-adventure podcast “Another Kingdom,” which is essential listening for fans of the genre.
  • Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin): Michelle Malkin is hands-down one of the fiercest defenders of conservatism and American nationalism. Her seminal speech at CPAC 2019 remains not only one of the most passionate speeches in favor of the MAGA agenda, but also one of the most damning indictments of the GOP elite that, along with the Democratic Party, has sold out the American people for far too long. Anyone who is equally capable of demolishing establishment “conservatives” and taking on the Left with equal force is worthy of a spot on this list.
  • Andy McCarthy (@AndrewCMcCarthy): Although the National Review has its share of anti-Trump voices that make up what Kurt Schlichter refers to as “Conservative Inc.,” one of the few gems of this decades-old publication can be found in the writings of Andy McCarthy. McCarthy is one of the foremost experts on everything you need to know about the Russia hoax, the Mueller probe, and the plethora of improprieties within this overarching scandal.
  • Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich): A distinguished member of the Salem Media family, a Fox News regular, and eloquent writer, Katie Pavlich covers all angles of modern media, as well as just about any political topic you can think about. From her columns at Townhall to her appearances on Fox shows such as Outnumbered and The Five, Katie is everywhere and always has something insightful to say.
  • Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter): If you are searching for the one man who is the best at making liberals and Never Trumpers cry, look no further than “Colonel K.,” Kurt Schlichter at Townhall. Another member of the great Salem Media family, Kurt is capable of dishing out equally stinging rebukes of the anti-American Left and the traitorous squishes of “Conservative Inc.,” which makes for essential reading in today’s ever-shifting political landscape.
  • Lee Smith (@LeeSmithDC): One of the very few sites that is dedicated to balanced and unbiased presentations of the news cycle from all sides, RealClearPolitics has many various websites under the RealClear umbrella. One of those is RealClearInvestigations, which brings us to Lee Smith. While Smith has written about other topics including the Middle East, his primary focus is on the Russiagate scandal; to this end, he has produced some of the most in-depth investigative pieces and analyses of how the entire Russia probe was a setup, and how the end of the Mueller saga represents a large-scale failure of the mainstream media.
  • John Solomon (@jsolomonReports): While there are several intrepid reporters and real journalists who have done incredible work regarding the Obama-era illegal surveillance and abuse of the FISA warrants known as “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” arguably few have done more than The Hill’s John Solomon. Solomon has written a plethora of very informative and shocking articles, revealing more and more sinister details about the massive conspiracy against the Trump campaign and Trump presidency. Through his reliable sources at the Department of Justice and elsewhere, John Solomon remains perhaps the most preeminent truth warrior out there, and that is why he is easily at the top of our list.
  • Kimberly Strassel (@KimStrassel): The Wall Street Journal is one of the last few mainstream media outlets that hasn’t fallen completely to the Left, with plenty of insightful commentary from conservatives on issues ranging from President Trump’s tenure to the economy. The crown jewel of the WSJ’s editorial section is Kimberly Strassel, who never fails to publish one amazing piece after another; whether she’s calling out the insanity of the Left or defending President Trump against baseless criticisms, Ms. Strassel is definitely one of the best and most prolific editorial writers in America.

AMERICA First is the newest nationally-syndicated radio show in the United States, part of the Salem Radio Network. The host, Sebastian Gorka PhD., served most recently as Deputy Assistant for Strategy to the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and is author of the New York Times bestselling book “Defeating Jihad.” His latest book is “The War for America’s Soul.” You can follow him on Twitter @SebGorka, on Facebook, and on Instagram @sebastian_gorka. AMERICA First is available on the iTunes podcast app and streams live at You can contact him here.

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