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America First Update: YouTube Deletes Dr. Dan Erickson’s Coronavirus Video

As we discussed on the show yesterday, YouTube has made a startling move to suppress crucial Coronavirus-related information just because it goes against the mainstream media’s narrative.

In the over one-hour video, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care, located in Bakersfield, California, cite numerous facts and statistics thoroughly debunking many of the mainstream media’s claims about the Coronavirus, from original estimates of its lethality to efficacy of subsequent “social distancing” measures that were taken against it. In this one video, the doctors prove that the international response to the virus was overblown and disproportionate, causing far more harm than necessary.

And yet, because the doctors’ facts ran afoul of the political agenda of those who would rather see the Coronavirus lockdown and panic continue, the Big Tech overlords at YouTube decided to delete the original video, even after it had gone viral and attracted over 5 million views.

This is not just par for the course with Big Tech censorship of inconvenient facts; this is downright dangerous. The media and Big Tech are working together to suppress the truth in order to perpetuate a lie, even if said lie leads to more lives being destroyed by the economic shutdown which has already put more than 26 million Americans on the unemployment rolls.

We must continue to search for the truth, no matter how much the Left stands in our way. Everyone should watch the re-uploaded version of the video and share it far and wide. Learn the facts and help spread the information that the Left is trying to suppress.

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