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America First Update: President Trump Fires Inspector General

Over the weekend, President Trump fired yet another government bureaucrat to the ire of the FakeNews mainstream media. Upon the news that State Department Inspector General Steve Linick was fired on Friday, Democrats and the media baselessly accused President Trump of political retaliation with the firing.

However, the firing was actually on the recommendation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Linick, an Obama appointee, was the latest in a long line of inspectors general who has tried to start an “investigation” into the Trump Administration for the slightest perceived “wrongdoing,” another prime example of anti-Trump animus among Obama-era bureaucratic hold-overs.

Such executive branch officials are meant to serve the President, as chosen by the people through election. Their job is not to go rogue and “investigate” an administration because they disagree with its policies to who America chose to be Commander-in-Chief. When they begin thinking that this is their purpose, the President has every Constitutional right to fire such men and replace them, if at all, with men who will actually do their job rather than grandstand or political subvert a duly elected President.
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