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America First Update: President Trump Enlists a Free Market Response to Coronavirus

In his Rose Garden address on Friday, President Trump not only declared a national emergency over the spread of the Coronavirus, but he also revealed a whole new plan for combatting this new threat.

In most previous cases of a disease or some other natural disaster, the default response is usually to create a new federal agency, or hand the matter over to some bureaucracy. President Trump, however, has devised a plan that will work directly with the free market to solve this problem.

From halting all interest on student loans, to working with the pharmaceutical companies on drive-thru coronavirus testing, to coordinating with Google to create a website that will more readily provide information on the virus, and testing, President Trump is showing a whole new level of cooperation between the government and the free market, rather than the former simply taking over the latter. These decisions to more effectively respond via free market tools will have long-term consequences as it breaks the model established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt which favors government intervention and bureaucratic growth over free-market action.

It’s no surprise, then, that shortly after his speech began, the stock market skyrocketed on Friday, rising by nearly 2,000 points in just one hour for its largest single-day gain in history. Free market solutions work, and those solutions prove to be our best chance yet at dealing with this, or any other similar, threat.

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