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America First Update: Democrats Try to Include Green Energy, Ballot-Harvesting in Coronavirus Bill

After Senate Democrats shot down what would have been the third and biggest Coronavirus relief bill, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats quickly began writing their own bill as an alternative. However, that bill is full of pork and other far-left “wish list” items that have nothing to do with fighting the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus, or getting Americans back to work.

In the most blatant act of taking advantage of a crisis, Democrats are including such unrelated demands as mandatory “ballot-harvesting” in all 50 states’ elections. The bill also requires that American corporations make sure their boards are “diverse” enough, and also pushes for tax credits for solar and wind energy, and $35 million dollars for the Kennedy Center theater.

If there were any lingering doubts about whether or not the Democrats are willing to play political games with the Coronavirus crisis and American lives, those doubts have completely evaporated. While the bill that the Senate Democrats killed would have provided immediate relief to struggling American workers and their families, Democrats are determined to continue paying off their political allies, enforcing their “diversity” quotas, and legalizing more corrupt and outright illegal electoral practices in order to gain an edge in future elections.
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