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For the entirety of the final hour of today’s show, Sebastian talks with investigative filmmaker Chris Rufo about the rise of the dangerous far-left idea of “critical race theory,” which is a racist, anti-White, and anti-American ideology. Chris talks about its rise as a result of the spread of Cultural Marxism over the last few decades, and how such ideas attempt to paint America as a racist, sexist, and inherently evil nation, while also teaching White people that they should hate themselves solely because of their skin color and ancestry. Chris highlights how this ideology works directly in tangent with cancel culture, as it seeks to silence anyone who dares to speak out against this dangerous and blatantly false ideology.

Watch Sebastian’s full interview with Chris Rufo here.

AMERICA First is the newest nationally-syndicated radio show in the United States, part of the Salem Radio Network. The host, Sebastian Gorka PhD., served most recently as Deputy Assistant for Strategy to the  President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and is author of the New York Times bestselling book “Defeating Jihad.” His latest book is “The War for America’s Soul.” You can follow him on Twitter @SebGorka, on Facebook, and on Instagram @sebastian_gorka. AMERICA First is available on the iTunes podcast app, streams live at, and is on YouTube. You can contact him here.

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