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America First Highlight: American schools and COVID lies

In this two-part, in-studio interview, Sebastian and Phil Kerpen of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity talk about the latest Coronavirus insanity. Phil focuses in particular on how, if anything, keeping American schools locked down is actually more harmful than the virus itself, as it can lead to isolation and mental decline for many of America’s students. He also focuses on the fraudulent reporting of Coronavirus “deaths,” including those who died from other causes and those who died of the virus months ago, and how these numbers are being deliberately inflated to keep Americans scared and submissive.

Watch Sebastian’s full interview with Phil Kerpen here.

AMERICA First is the newest nationally-syndicated radio show in the United States, part of the Salem Radio Network. The host, Sebastian Gorka PhD., served most recently as Deputy Assistant for Strategy to the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and is author of the New York Times bestselling book “Defeating Jihad.” His latest book is “The War for America’s Soul.” You can follow him on Twitter @SebGorka, on Facebook, and on Instagram @sebastian_gorka. AMERICA First is available on the iTunes podcast app, streams live at, and is on YouTube. You can contact him here.

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