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Fri, Jan 18, 2019

Today’s Guests:

– Sara Carter

– Oliver North

– Sean Spicer

– James Carafano

Today’s Topics:

– Buzzfeed claims that President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about the Trump Organization business ties in Moscow

– Michael Cohen is backtracking on his earlier decision to testify before Congress about Trump

– President Trump is up 19 points with Latino voters

– Even CNN is turning on Beto O’Rourke

Our Take

A Tale of Two Marches

There are two marches that have defined national politics lately. The first is the March for Life and the second the Women’s March. It’s been argued that the country is divided in half, that the fighting today is...

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Robert Mueller and the Russia Collusion Delusion

The politically-charged special counsel investigation, led by former FBI director, Robert S. Mueller, III, may be coming to a close soon. Reports have circulated that the special counsel has been shedding his legal...

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Gorka's Column

The FBI Has Become Too Dangerous

If you’re not the first lady, being alone in the Oval Office with the president of the United States is a rare occurrence. Even visiting heads of state will be accompanied by an interpreter, or an official notetaker, when they meet privately with the most powerful man in the world. So I will...

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